JMB on.tour

JMB on.tour van, <b>Jewish Museum Berlin, Photo: Yves Sucksdorff</b>

Cap "No Kippah? No Problem!"

Victor Reichert
Gabriel Tecklenburg
Jens Imig
• Sebastian Franke
• Sinem Özer
• Marie Teigler

Production and Mounting
• Team Falko Riepe

• gewerkdesign
• Jewish Museum Berlin, Yves Sucksdorff

Our Courage. Jews in Europe 1945–48

Jewish Museum Frankfurt

Zeilsheimer DP camp newspaper Undzer Mut, December 1946

• Birgit Schlegel

• gewerkdesign

The Luther Effect – Protestantism 500 Years in the World

Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin

Luther Bible

Jens Imig
Birgit Schlegel
• Sebastian Franke
• Julia Junghänel
• Bianca Mohr
• Costanza Rossi

• Klaus Fermor
• Marcus Neumann

• Uta Bieger
• Volker Böhm

• Christoph Musiol

Jewish Museum Rendsburg

Jewish Museum, Rendsburg

The media station depicts the silhouettes of typical Jewish objects

• Jens Imig
• Katharina Erben
• Julia Junghänel
• Tania Sívertsen
• Steffen Sendelbach

• Karsten Ruschhaupt, Lotsenhaus Media

• gewerkdesign

Goodbye & Hello – A dialogue with the hereafter

Museum of Communication Bern, Switzerland

There are many different ideas as to what the afterlife may look like. The exhibition »Goodbye & Hello« presents an impressive collection of bizarre objects.

• Jens Imig
• Susanne Kluge
• Rita Rentzsch
• Ann-Christin Warntjen

• gewerkdesign